I'm thirsty, when will you guys be opened for business?

     -We're open!


What kind of beer are you guys going to have?

     -Good beer.  If you need to know more than that, click the 'beer' tab at the top of the page.


Do you guys give tours?

     -Yes, we will give tours soon.  These tours will be based around our production schedule that we will have plenty of info on when the time is right.


Do you guys do events?

     -Yes, we do!  Click on the 'events' tab to get into this a little more.


Does this place serve food?

     -If by 'this place' you mean Stockyards Brewing Co., yes.  Refer to the 'chewables' portion of the 'menu' tab above to see more.  If you are wondering about the attached restaurant portion of the building, see the next question.


Is Stockyards taking over the restaurant side?

     -No, we are not affiliated with the restaurant occupying the adjoining space but hope to have a relationship with them to where we can scratch each others' backs.  A local pair has signed a lease to reopen the restaurant side as the Golden Ox this coming fall.  More info to follow.


Are kids allowed at Stockyards?

     -Please refer to        helpful flowchart.


Is it cool if I smoke at your establishment?

     -No, sorry, that will not be allowed.  None of those robot vape things either.


What are your hours?

     -Please check out the posted hours under the 'reach us' tab.


Can I buy something from your store at your actual location?

     -Yes, we will have all of our products for sale in real life if you want to come see us and have human interaction.


I love patios, do you guys have a patio?

     -Not right now but it will be happening in the summer of '16.


I don't have unlimited data, can I use your Wi-Fi?

     -Of course, we have Wi-Fi and yes it is free.


Where can I find your beer besides the building where you make it?

     -Right now, you can only get it at Stockyards Brewing Co. but distribution is very important to us. We hope to be all over the place, in cans and kegs, in the near future but for now, you can buy kegs and fill growlers on site.


The big game is on, do you guys have tvs?

     -We are not a sports bar and will be more focused on a relaxed environment that will hopefully allow and encourage people to relate to one another.  That being said, the presence of a tv or two may be noticed but we can't guarantee that we will be showing what you want to watch.


I heard something about live music.  Is that true?

     -It is true!  The inclusion of a sound system was an important part of our renovations and the idea is to have live music regularly.  If you are interested in being on the performance side of this, send us a message and we might consider you when we look to book entertainment.






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