IPA Rodeo Series

STYLE: India Pale Ale

ABV: 7.4%

This here Rodeo Series is our hoppy tribute to the spirit of the great American cowboy. Don't Let Your Hazies Grow Up To Be Cowboys is the second in the line-up, a citrusy, hazy IPA double-dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Citra, El Dorato, Cashmere, and Strata Hops. We think it's so good, they ought to write a song about it.

Cerveza Royale

STYLE: Mexican-Style Lager

OG: 11.6IBU: 11ABV: 4.5%

Inspired by some of the great beers of Central and South America, our light-bodied Mexican-style lager is brewed with light malted barley from Chile and modest amounts of German Perle hops. Traditional flaked corn added to the mash comes through as a subtle sweetness in both the flavor and the aroma.

Fox Trotter Scottish Ale

STYLE: Scottish Ale

OG: 13IBU: 27ABV: 5.30%

Named after the state horse of Missouri, a combination of 3 different crystal malts round out this medium bodied, Scottish-style ale. Northern Brewer and Cascade hops balance the light, yet complex malt characters, leaving just a hint of dark malt tones.

West Bottoms IPA

STYLE: India Pale Ale

OG: 14IBU: 83ABV: 5.80%

This medium-bodied IPA combines elements of Midwest and West Coast IPAs. Tropical fruit flavors and aromas of Amarillo, Centennial, and Columbus hops combine with Vienna and Premium English Crystal malts to create a sublime balance of bitterness and sweetness.

Black IPA

STYLE: India Pale Ale

OG: 16.3IBU: 79ABV: 7%

Perhaps THE beer to have inspired the creation of Stockyards Brewing Co., our Black IPA is modestly roasted with a complex blend of light and dark malt character complemented by Columbus, Chinook, and New Zealand Pacific Jade hops.

Mid-Century Farmhouse

STYLE: Farmhouse

OG: 15.5IBU: 41ABV: 6.0%

Built on a foundation of malted and flaked barley, rye and wheat, the additions of orange peel and elderflower along with a classic Saison yeast strain contribute to the spicy, fruity and floral character of this intriguing drop. We've finished it off with a heavy hand of Amarillo and Azacca Cryo hops.


STYLE: German-inspired Wheat

ABV: 5.0%

Designed as a bridge between traditional and new school brewing techniques, Palomino is a classic German-inspired wheat beer, which we then hopped with Crystal and HBC 586 in the whirlpool. Enjoy notes of ripe banana, spice, coconut and lush tropical fruit on the finish.

Yard Sale Pale Ale

STYLE: Easy-drinkin' Pale Ale

OG: 10.6IBU: 26ABV 4.3%

If it’s in the yard, it’s for sale. Yard Sale is a delicious clean-out of the hops closet, a light-bodied session ale designed to quench the unquenchable thirst of summer. Brewed with Newport, El Dorado and Hallertau Blanc hops, it‘s a quaffable, take-it-easy-drinkin’ ale.


County Clare Irish Ale

STYLE: Irish-Style Red Ale

IBU: 31ABV: 5.8%

A traditional Irish Ale brewed with Irish-grown and malted barley from the Malting Company of Ireland. The sweet, candy-like flavors of the crystal malts are tamed by the toasted characters of the Munich malt and the earthy flavors and aromas of Centennial and Columbus hops. Sláinte!


STYLE: Oktoberfest/Vienna

OG: 13.6IBU: 26ABV: 5.60%

Bavarian Pilsner, Munich and Crystal malts from Germany give this Oktoberfest/Vienna-style beer a slight sweetness and fresh baked, bread-like flavor. German Perle and Northern Brewer hops finish out this Stockyards fall time favorite.

Smoked Imperial Pilsner

STYLE: Imperial Pilsner

OG: 18.9IBU: 62ABV: 8.50%

a.k.a. The Spirit Cowboy, this smooth and smoky lager is a returning favorite, brewed with piles of beechwood smoked pilsner malt along with Saaz and Perle hops for a distinct flavor you just might find yourself craving.



OG: 15.5IBU: 217.0% ABV

This latest iteration of our old farmhouse favorite has got it all. The foundation is comprised of malted rye, wheat and barley, along with flaked rice and oats. The finish is a bit early-American with rosehips, apricot puree, orange peel and peppercorns. Columbus and Opal hops with an Amarillo dry hop blow the roof off this muthah.

La Noche Royale

STYLE: Amber Mexican-Style Lager

OG: 14.4IBU: 23ABV: 5.6%

Wicked smooth, this long-awaited prima of our extremely popular Mexican lager, Cerveza Royale, is brewed with the same base malt, flaked corn and lager yeast as its predecessor. La Noche Royale brings forth soft bread flavors of Vienna malts, and Perla Negra malt from Chile gives it a deep copper hue and a touch of dark malt vibrato.

Dunkel Weizen

STYLE: Dunkel Weizen

OG: 13.4IBU: 17ABV: 5.1%

This traditional dark Bavarian wheat beer is brewed with floor malted, dark and chocolate German wheat malts. Fermentation with our West Hef yeast strain brings out familiar flavors while a double decoction mashing process showcases the complex malt characters with a light cocoa finish.

Brunch Stout

STYLE: American Stout

OG: 15.5IBU: 44ABV: 6%

This full-flavored stout starts the day with oatmeal and brown sugar and finishes it off with a toddy buzz of cold coffee. A mild hopping of Trident and Centennial hops bringing it all home, you’ve got yourself a nice little Sunday brunch... stout.

French Bottoms IPA

STYLE: Farmhouse IPA

OG: 15IBU: 69ABV: 6.80%

This Farmhouse style IPA has a complexity of flavors derived from Mosaic and Opal hops, rye and wheat malts, orange and lemon peel, chamomile and a traditional farmhouse yeast.

Belgian Gold

STYLE: Belgian Pale Ale

OG: 13.3IBU: 35ABV: 5.25%

This golden Belgian ale is the third incarnation in our Golden Ale series. We’ve kept the original malt bill and deep golden hues of the first two, but the characteristics of the Belgian Abbey yeast in this batch inspire thoughts of the oncoming spring in the monastery. Newport and Crystal hops add notes of dried apricot, soft pine and citrus.

Vestlife Weisse

STYLE: Berliner-Style Weissebier

OG: 9IBU: 5ABV: 3.5%

Once known in Germany as “the Champagne of the North,” this tart and refreshing wheat beer is a first for us. Our Berliner-Style Weissebier is mashed with pale pilsner malt and German wheat malt before a 24-hour lactic acid rest in the kettle. Vestlife is the best life! *Ask in the taproom about adding your choice of all natural fruit syrups.

Gucci Brut

STYLE: Extra Fancy IPA

OG: 13.2IBU: 17ABV: 7.00%

This style of extra fancy IPA is sooo hot right now! Credited to brewers of the West Coast, Brut IPAs are characterized by an extremely dry finish, low bitterness levels and an abundance of hop flavors and aromas from whirlpool and dry hopping additions. For this first collaboration with another local Kansas City craft brewery, Stockyards teamed up with City Barrel Brewing, slated to open in the upcoming months.

Off White Ale

STYLE: Belgian-Style Wit

OG: 11.5IBU: 10ABV: 4.50%

This non-traditional Belgian-Style Wit blends the refreshing flavors of a Belgian wheat ale with indigenous flavors of Thailand like Thai Hom Mali (Jasmine rice) coriander, orange peel and dried Galangal root.